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We offer the following loam products

  • Screened Loam
  • 50/50 Loam/Sand
  • 50/50 Loam/Compost
  • Screened Compost 
  • Custom Blends

All of our loam products are screened through a 1/2 inch screen. 

Screened Loam
When installing the loam to a thickness of 3 inches or more, our standard loam can be used for all of your planting needs.

50/50 Loam/Sand
When putting down loam in a 3 inch or more thickness, a loam/sand mix should be used in wet, high traffic areas as well as for plants that require more drainage.

50/50 Loam/Compost
Our loam compost would be used when putting down 2 inches or less, top dressing and in flower and vegetable gardens.

Screened Compost
Screened compost is typically used as a top dressing for flower and vegetable gardens or as a soil amendment.

Custom Blends
Custom blending is available. Minimum quantities may apply. Please contact us for quotes.

At J. F. Price and Bates Bros. we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. We are happy to assist our customers in finding the right product for their job. Give us a call and let us know the details of your project as well as the condition of your soil and surrounding area and we will help you to determine the best product or combination of products for you.

Product photographs contained in this site are for informational purposes only.
Stone is a natural product and as such color of product delivered may vary.

All sales are final.

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