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Are you ready for Winter? New England Weather is so unpredictable. Start preparing now!

We have available for pick or delivery, several products to help you deal with winter icing conditions.

Below is a list of the Ice Control products we offer. We would be happy to assist you in determining the best material for your job. Just contact us with the details!

Ice Control Product
Description & Common Uses

Treated Sand

Mixture of sand and road salt - this mixture of sand and road salt gives you the melting power of the road salt and the grit of the sand. Treated Sand gives you traction and remains on the affected surface after the road salt has dissolved.

Screened Sand

Medium grade sand - used in areas that road salt is not allowed. It has the grit to give traction necessary in icy areas but it is not effective in ice melting.

Road Salt

Medium to coarse grained particles - good in controlling small amounts of snow or ice. The process by which salt melts ice starts when the salt first hits the ice. The ice directly around the salt particle melts first. The melting process spreads outward from that point. If the ice is thick then the salt really won't have any effect - the solid salt cannot get into the structure of the solid water to start the dissolving process. In that case, spreading a sand and salt mixture over the top of the ice to provide traction is a better option.

Bagged Ice Melt

Advance Orange is blended with CMA.  It doesn't stain or track.  The addition of calcium pellets provide the instant blast of heat needed for harsh conditions.  Melts to -25 degrees and is extremely spreader friendly. 50Lb Bags.

It's only a matter of time.
Be ready.
Order your Ice Control products now!

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